We Service and Install:

    2/3/4 Way Switches
    480/240/208 Volt Circuits
    Attic Fans
    AFCI(Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) Circuits And Breakers
    Bathroom Fans And Circuits
    Brick Lighting
    Ceiling Fans- up to 250lb.
    Computer  Circuits
    Dimmer Switches
    Electric Cook Tops
    Electric Ranges
    Electric Water Heaters
    Exterior Lighting
    Generators (Permanent)
    GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Circuits, Recaptacles, Breakers
    HVAC Controls
    Lighting Fixtures
    LED (Light-Emitting Diode) Lighting
    Luminaries Lighting
    Motor Circuits 1-3 phase
    Motors 1/16 - 100 HP (Horse Power)
    Photovoltaic Systems
    PLC (Programmable Logical Controls)
    Pool Lighting
    Receptacles and Plugs
    Recessed Lighting
    Retail Lighting
    Security Lighting
    Spa/Hot Tub Circuits
    Telephone Wiring
    Under- Cabinets Lighting- 12/24V
    Washer And Dryer Circuits 120/240V

      We Do:

        100/200/500/ Amp, 1-3 Phase  Service Upgrades
        2nd Opinions
        Aluminium Wiring Troubleshooting
        Electric  Energy Conservations
        Electrical Appliance Connections
        Evaporative (SWAMP) Cooler Wiring / Complete
        Planned Maintenance Programs
        Red Tag Repairs
        Refrigerated Air Wiring Upgrades
        Rewiring Houses and Businesses
        Surge Protection and Grounding
        Thermostat Rewiring
        Troubleshooting Electrical Systems
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